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Fri., Apr. 18
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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled April 2 that campaign donors, while still limited to $5,200 per candidate, can otherwise give to as many campaigns as they like with no overall campaign finance limits. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 122
Childhood bullying has been in local news recently. Do you think schools are doing enough to address bullying concerns?
Number of votes cast: 207
Vladimir Putin has signed a treaty to make Crimea part of Russia after the Crimean people voted to secede. Do you think this is justified?
Number of votes cast: 106
The Lenten season preparing for Easter has begun. Do you observe Lenten sacrifice?
Number of votes cast: 189
Arizona recently approved a bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to specific groups (e.g., LGBT) on the grounds of sincerely held religious views. Do you support such legislation?
Number of votes cast: 346
How have digital communication advancements (e.g., cell phones, text messaging, social media) affected your relationships?
Number of votes cast: 87
Will you be watching the 2014 Winter Games taking place in Sochi over the next couple of weeks?
Number of votes cast: 120
What are your thoughts on Tuesday's State of the Union address?
Number of votes cast: 214
The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Candy Crush Saga game developer, King Limited, a trademark for the word "candy." Do you think people and companies should be able to trademark common words?
Number of votes cast: 155
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is under scrutiny for his staff's involvement in closing lanes at the George Washington Bridge for four days. Do you think this is a serious matter?
Number of votes cast: 164
Winter is certainly making its presence known. What snow activities do you enjoy most.
Number of votes cast: 205
Have you made any New Year's resolutions this year?
Number of votes cast: 104
Many people are showing support for Duck Dynasty's patriarch, Phil Robertson, and his right to free speech after being suspended by A&E for controversial public statements he made. Do you think his rights have been infringed?
Number of votes cast: 349
Bitcoin and other virtual currency has become popular in recent months. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 87
Workers at fast-food restaurants across the U.S. went on strike Thursday to advocate for a higher minimum wage. Do you support increasing the federal minimum wage?
Number of votes cast: 354
Many stores will be starting their Black Friday specials early Thanksgiving morning. Will you be among the early shoppers?
Number of votes cast: 291
Would you support a change to the Affordable Care Act to make it a single-payer system?
Number of votes cast: 225
Are you pleased with the local results from Tuesday's election?
Number of votes cast: 141
Do you think the Tea Party movement is creating a rift within the Republican Party?
Number of votes cast: 800
Signs calling for the banning of the NY SAFE Act have peppered lawns in the North Country for many weeks. Do you support the NY Safe Act?
Number of votes cast: 1802
"The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law . . . shall not be questioned." Do you think this section from the 14th Amendment gives the president authority to pay national debt irrespective of the debt limit?
Number of votes cast: 183
The U.S. Army is considering new regulations for recruits requiring that no tattoo be displayed below the elbows and knees or above the neckline. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 232
House Republicans propose defunding the Affordable Care Act in exchange for continuing to fund the government. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 268
The Mars One mission aims to put humankind on Mars to establish a permanent settlement in 2023. It's a one-way trip. Would you consider such a journey?
Number of votes cast: 99
Do you think signs on personal property are protected free speech, or are they a distraction and a nuisance that need to be regulated?
Number of votes cast: 151
The Assad regime in Syria is suspected of using chemical weapons against the Syrian people. Which course of action would you most support from the United States?
Number of votes cast: 229
New York is among the 45 states to adopt the Common Core State Standards, a state-led initiative to establish nationwide reading and mathematics benchmarks from kindergarten through high school. Do you support this program?
Number of votes cast: 332
NSA director of national intelligence James Clapper has admitted to providing "clearly erroneous" testimony under oath to Congress, giving the "least untruthful" answer possible. Should he stand trial for perjury?
Number of votes cast: 163
Did you go anywhere on vacation this summer?
Number of votes cast: 108
Jefferson County Republican leadership has used committee resources to gather signatures and promote specific candidates running for different offices in the upcoming GOP primary. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 99
Do you subscribe to any streaming digital movie/television services like Netflix or Hulu Plus?
Number of votes cast: 151
Prime Minister David Cameron announced that households in the UK will have pornography blocked by default unless customers specifically request it. Would you support such regulations in the US?
Number of votes cast: 215
County fair season is underway. Did you or will you go to any county fairs?
Number of votes cast: 133
Five years after resigning as New York governor due to a prostitution scandal, Eliot Spitzer is returning to politics to run for New York City comptroller. Should he?
Number of votes cast: 689
The Supreme Court has ruled the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional. What are your thoughts?
Number of votes cast: 401
Did Edward Snowden perform a public service by leaking details about NSA programs, or is he a traitor?
Number of votes cast: 168
According to a recent study, the success rate for relationships that started with an online introduction (e.g., dating site or social media) is slightly better than for low-tech meetings. Have you ever dated someone you met online?
Number of votes cast: 115
Based on a referendum last November in Puerto Rico, there is talk of making the territory the 51st U.S. state. Do you favor statehood for Puerto Rico?
Number of votes cast: 190
The Red Cross has more than $100 million of unspent funds raised for the Superstorm Sandy disaster relief. Should charities have discretion to use money for other relief efforts?
Number of votes cast: 141
Recovery efforts are underway in Oklahoma following the tornado devastation, and funding is always a concern. What's the best way to deal with such recovery efforts?
Number of votes cast: 105
Amanda Berry and two other women were rescued last week after 10 years in captivity. Psychic Sylvia Browne told Amanda Berry's mother in 2004 her daughter was dead. Do you believe in psychic power?
Number of votes cast: 187
With the popularity of e-readers and e-reader apps, do you think printed books will eventually stop being produced?
Number of votes cast: 163
A proposed federal bill would empower states to require retailers to collect all required state and local sales taxes throughout the country for purchases made online. What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 175
Google is offering an "Inactive Account Manager" for Google Accounts if there is a long lapse in activity, especially in the case of death. Do you have instructions for anyone to handle your digital accounts when you die?
Number of votes cast: 69
April 15 is fast approaching. Have you filed your taxes?
Number of votes cast: 200
The General Brown School district is facing a $1.8 million shortfall and needs to cut dozens of jobs to bridge the gap. What do you think should be done in the long term?
Number of votes cast: 196
The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing same-sex marriage legislation, including the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). What do you think?
Number of votes cast: 175
National Grid is adjusting its delivery rates for the next three years. How satisfied have you been with National Grid's electric and natural gas delivery prices?
Number of votes cast: 182
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened preemptive nuclear attacks against the United States. Do you think this is cause for alarm?
Number of votes cast: 140
Cardinals are meeting in Vatican City to select the new pope. Do you think the selection has as much importance now as in the past?
Number of votes cast: 151
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