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Suicide Amongst the Veterans because of Washington?

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So I read this article the other day saying 1,892 veterans have committed suicide since January 1st 2014. That's an average of over 20 veterans killing themselves every day. I couldn't figure out why that was happening so I read further into this article and this is what I found. In 2009 and 2010 22 veterans took their life every day. Why is this happening? "We are losing too many of our brothers and sisters nationwide. And we're storming the hill to change history and transform a landscape so that America will truly take care of its own who have shouldered the burdens of war," said IAVA Founder and CEO Paul Rieckhoff in a statement to Business Insider.
Well yeah. I would say that we are losing too many of our wounded brothers and sisters every day until that number reaches 0. But that still doesn't answer the question, why have there been so many suicides of veterans as of lately. Well, as it turns out, the Government namely the republicans in this case have cut Education, Healthcare, and Jobs for all veterans as of January 1st 2014.
Now forgive my outburst that's about to happen but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS?!? How is it possible we can give all kinds of benefits to people that enter this country illegally including education, jobs, and healthcare, Government can continue to give themselves raises and bonuses while patting themselves on the back for a job well done when really they've done nothing but make this country worse than it was before they came into their positions, and we can continue to raise taxes and the unemployment rate while still sending money to countries that actively announce how much they hate us and want to destroy us yet we can't take care of the men and women that are sent overseas to do the Government's dirty work when everything falls through? There's something wrong with that picture there and I know tons of people that see it so why is it so hard for Congress to see and fix the problem? Oh yeah, that's right, they see the problem but to them it's not a problem; it's something to laugh at, because as long as they're not the ones that are starving, or can't take care of their families, or dying then there is no problem.
The problem is a simple one to solve. Take care of the people in this country before we start worrying about other countries. That's the way it used to be how many years ago and America was a thriving country with the men and women healthy and looking out for one another. We didn't go looking for fights but we also didn't look to others to take care of us either. There's just too much politics involved now and that is why America is a sinking ship. You can say what you will and argue things by blaming anything but the truth, but the fact remains that Congress, The President, have the power to change things back for the better and they refuse to do so. They find the state of America to be a laughing matter.
STOP relying on other countries to make things we need. Bring the jobs here and let's do it ourselves. That would create lots of jobs and get many people off the streets, and stop them from starving or killing themselves. STOP importing things we can make here. STOP sending all of our jobs overseas simply because they work cheaper. If you haven't noticed that was when the problems started. We lost jobs and got cheaper made items so we have to buy more in a short time which works great for the person making it but sucks because then we have to spend more. What happened to the things that we used to have; you know the ones that were made great so they lasted. Start making those again. We need this food and that food from other countries? NO we don't! We have plenty of farmers here that can make everything we need if you would stop requiring all of the stupid chemicals to be put on things and stop raising the property taxes so high that farmers are losing their lands. Last time I checked people seventy years ago, a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, worked hard and didn't have to worry about getting sick from their food because we didn't put all these chemicals on things. Maybe if you would stop requiring all these chemicals then they wouldn't sink into the ground and we wouldn't have contaminated ground water.
You're worried about the environment NOW?!? REALLY?!? Then STOP killing it. Stop cutting down all the trees to make things we don't need or to make room for another business that will be shut down in less than five years because they can't afford your taxes and bills.
And for the love of God stop trying to change the Constitution. It worked for more than two hundred years until you came along and now that you try changing it everything goes to shit. Have you noticed the problem here? It was meant to limit YOUR power, not infringe on MY rights. Get that straight. Start figuring out what country you're really working for, and then start helping to make it the great country it once was or get the hell out and let someone else who wants to do just that in your position so they can get something done. We are not here to deepen your pockets so stop letting your greed consume you and do what's right. Do you really want to leave this country the way it is to your grandchildren?
Now is the time to help the men and women who are willing to fight for you to make this country what it was, not leave them out to feel like they have no one and nothing so they just kill themselves. Now is past time to start making the changes needed to help change this country back to what it was so we can get back to being a nation that was revered? We stuck together; not threw everyone under the bus for our own financial gain. When did money and power become more important than family and selfless service? Look at how Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Grant, Jackson, Hayes, Jefferson, Truman, Nixon, Regan etc. put our country first and we thrived under them. I'm not saying that everything is Obama's fault because he has had plenty of help, but he chose to make the United States his home country, therefore our needs should come before any other. No soldier or veteran should be left out in the cold alone.
Maybe it's past time for congress to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, and if they like what they see then they need to be slapped, if not then they need to change things. It only takes one voice to make a difference. One person can start a domino effect. We have to stop following blindly as a country, though, because we are giving the government full rights to do this to us. When will we stand up and say enough is enough? It's past time. I have included a link to read about the veterans that have committed suicide lately and what's being done about it as well as a YouTube link from a movie (The Newsroom featuring Jeff Daniels) that describes exactly what our nation has come to. People should watch that video and really think about things. If you think you can't do anything to change things, you're wrong. Remember one voice is all it takes to get things started. Get something started. Write a letter to Congress, spread the word. Let everyone know that what's going on is NOT okay with you. You have to be the voice. As a veteran and spouse of a Military man I can tell you this is NOT okay with me and I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure this changes. Are you?
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